Quantum Queen Rising

a 6-month Journey to Unleash Your Sovereign Voice and Ignite Your Soul

It's ok if you're feeling a little (or a lot) lost right now…


  • Worried that you're "behind" in life,
  • Still anxious about mistakes from the past,
  • Uncertain about what your future holds,
  • Struggling with insecurities and doubts.

But I want to let you in on a little secret...

You are exactly where you're supposed to be.

Yes, my love.

Right here. Right now.

You're exactly where you're supposed to be.

All these feelings, doubts, and worries of yours?

They're not a sign that something's wrong.

They're your launchpad into greatness.
They're your call to your soul.
They're your sacred reminder that you are meant for more!

Because whether you realize it yet or not, my love, you are the Queen of your own life.

And it's time that you remember this sovereign truth of YOU: who you really are, what you're really capable of, and what you really came here to do.

What you're feeling and experiencing in your life right now is not your fate.
It's your opportunity for a new beginning.

And what will you do with this opportunity, my love?

Will you finally take it and own your power, your dreams, your life?

Or will you let it slip you by?

It wasn't that long ago that I felt hopelessly lost in my own life...

Struggling with deep feelings of unworthiness and anxiety,
Drowning in insecurities that didn't even feel like my own,
Living completely detached from my purpose,
And feeling so. completely. alone.

For years, it felt like nothing would ever change.

No matter what success I found, or what beauty life would bring me, it always eventually crumbled beneath the shaky, insecure foundation of me.

And then I discovered the teachings and practices that would change my reality as I knew it...

Tao wisdom, soul healing, memory restructuring, belief reprogramming, sound healing, and various mentors and guides that showed me the way back home to myself.

They held the keys that I had been missing all along.

The keys that would unlock my truth,
That freed me from the wounds of my past,
And unleashed a life and purpose that I never dreamed would be possible for me.

My soul went from feeling lost and hopeless to overflowing and fulfilled!

And now, I want to pass this opportunity onto you.

It's your turn, my love, to claim the life your soul has always yearned for!

This is YOUR TIME...

To rise into a new way of being…
To uncover your deepest passions and purpose…
To manifest the wildest life of your dreams…

To unleash the power of your voice…

To activate the healer inside of you…

To become the Quantum Queen of your life.

Imagine in 90 days, and beyond...

  • Clearing the pain, fear, and trauma around being seen, heard, and appreciated, and showing up FULLY as your Soul's greatest expression!

  • Unlocking your sacred gifts, superpowers, talents, and abilities, and feeling confident sharing them with the world⁠—with no guilt, shame, or smallness.

  • Aligning your chakras, awakening your foundational energy centers, and deeply connecting to your path and purpose! Achieving never-before seen levels of grounded clarity, passion, and focus.
  • Learning how to self-clear negative mindsets and restrictive beliefs, and shifting into realms of limitless potential! Your dreams will no longer be limited by lack or small thinking.

  • Release decades of ancestral trauma found in your epigenetics feeling lighter and brighter, in full alignment with your soul's calling.

  • Receiving clear actions steps to support you in discovering and recreating who you are, why you're here, and how you can powerfully show up in this world!

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Kristen Ashley

“Empowering, Balanced, Challenging, Guidance... before I started Quantum Queens Rising; I was drained, broken and lost in myself, my childhood, surroundings and current events. I chose a sacred day to start my journey; my birthday. It will continue to be my favorite day forever; for a much more powerful reason. Within just a few weeks I felt life, calm, weightless, joy and magic. I did not feel guilty for all things I was so strongly holding onto for far too long. Like I had new grace-fueled blood running through my body. How I think, feel and just AM feels pure; more pure than I have felt most of my life. As I continue to embrace all this program has to offer; I would recommend Quantum Queen Rising to my closest friends, my family and my worst enemy.”

Daniella Stevens

"...I would recommend Zarina to anyone! She was extremely knowledgeable and used both previous learning and intuition to guide and heal me throughout the meditation. Her voice is very calming and when she sings, it’s beautiful. I could feel the love and light surrounding me during our session. My first session with Zarina was in the middle of the COVID 19 crisis. Going into the session for days I had been feeling stressed and anxious, and after one session I felt my stress and worries fade away and woke up the next day feeling light and productive. She gave me a copy of the session and I relisten to it all the time. Thank you Zarina!"

Charles Browne

"We all have something we’re holding in our hearts and in our souls... I know I do. But never have I seen it as I do at this moment. I'd like to thank you Zarina for bringing it to light and turning it into light. Bringing peace to my heart. Thank you🙏 I would encourage anybody else struggling with anything or just needs someone to talk to, to get a hold of this Beautiful Soul and let her help. Let her show you what soul healing is!"

Juanita Abenaa

"I have been working with Zarina for a year and she is truly responsible for the awakening of my consciousness. I always thought I was crazy because I was a highly sensitive person and just thought I felt too much. Zarina helped me to see my so-called craziness as a gift that needed to be nurtured. Her healing sessions enabled me to see that our goal is to find certainty through loving and trusting ourselves. I would highly recommend working with Zarina as her healing sessions are miraculous, beautiful, and truly a gift to this world!"

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