Meet Zarina, your Quantum Queen Activator

Zarina Chopra is a Soul Healer & Quantum Queen Activator for rising female leaders who know they are their own healers and want to know the cheat codes to their transformation to walk in their divine purpose.

As a certified Tao practitioner with the Tao Academy, and certified Theta Healing and Reiki Practitioner, Zarina combines her intuitive spiritual mentoring with her years of energy work and esoteric studies to provide a full spectrum of healing, transformation and manifesting mastery to her clients.

Zarina empowers her clients to become the healers they seek. Activate their Souls wisdom and remember their genetic wealth through ancient teachings and practices that have transformed the trajectory of her own life.

Zarina is teaching the cheat codes to true long lasting grounding, healing, manifesting and channelling your divine purpose.

It's time to rise

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